Alagrup Engineering

has been a favorite equipment supplier especially for underground coal mining industry right after its establishment in 2011. Alagrup is serving mining industry by a team of engineers who gained a strong experience while working for the top players of mining industry. Other than representing the manufacturers who are worldwide competitive in their own line of business, it succeeds on the project- based works, too. Alagrup also prepares electricity projects
especially for underground mines, and offers consulting service. As well we have the technical service department which can give the fastest service to our customers in order to supply the needs of their maintenance and repairment processes. In addition to all these, Alagrup having the potential of satisfying all needs of the companies with its strong production team, it produces 100% domestic production, mine hoist with ATEX certificated, ventilation ducting, the parts of chain conveyor, turnkey conveyor belt system productions, motor starters, lightning armatures, cable junction boxes and cable glands. Beyond the materials that it has produced, Alagrup gained the production regarding to the frame and flange of electrical equipment. Day by day it also increases its potential by giving the maintenance service to the companies which needs the area of the mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. ALAGRUP has been increasing cooperation’s in last years, especially in mining processing. Dewatering systems such as filter press and thickener, mine chemicals, grinding tools, mine processing equipment’s, pumps, flowmeters etc. with high quality and efficiency continue to make ALAGRUP one of the best equipment supplier not only the coal mines but also all mining industry.